Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Really, Really, Super, HUGE day today. I put in my two weeks at Staples. It might now sound like a huge deal, but after working somewhere for 3, almost 4 years, it can be really hard to break away. It is almost like after that long you are a part of the store itself. That's kind of sad, but still, it's the truth.

I will be officially starting my new occupation (hate the work job) at Geek Squad City on the 21st; which I am very excited about. Finally no more having to deal with the constant whine of customers not being able to find the right size rubber band or the people who come in and ask tech questions knowing you don't know, just to school you on the facts.

Staples has been an amazing experience. I mean, I met my wife there. I could not be more thankful for the 4 years I spent there and would do it again in a heartbeat. But times change, and more money is needed (Bnjmn Alxndr Clrk) and I needed to get a honest to goodness 45 hour a week job. Just how the world spins.

Also in some recent awesomeness, I found out I could change my Facebook.com URL from the one I had originally picked! I am now the proud owner of www.facebook.com/alxclrk. That, my friends, is so cool.

All things are so good. Couldn't ask for better luck.

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