Monday, March 7, 2011

I have really come to a realization about cellular devices and the companies that make them. It's kind of a long winded rant, but I will keep it as short as possible.

Android is going to start facing some huge problems in the very near future. And this isn't just because the iPhone is a much superior product, but more because of quality control. Google now has no control over their own OS. A phone manufacture and build any piece of shit phone they want, modify Android OS to their liking, and stick it onto the phone. And they do this whether it sucks or not. For instance, look at Samsungs Touch Wiz UI. It has taken the OS down to a crawl when Android is a very light and fast operating system. In short what I am trying to say is that the only reason we are paying 200 and 300 dollars for android phones that have dual core processors is due to the fact that the manufactures mess with the OS so much that it is unable to run on the specs it was built for. The Samsung Nexus S is a super fast phone, but that is mostly because Samsung didn't have the choice to add in their bloatware.

The other issue they are going to have is tablets. I don't own a tablet yet because the iPad 2 doesn't come out until Friday, but I can easily for see some issues with Android tablets. They are all made by phone manufacturer. The same people that are putting out crappy cell phones, are going to be putting out crappy tablets. Secondly, they are are ALL basically true phone manufactures. So anything you buy Android is, yep, going to be on a contract. And if you don't want it on a contract it is going to cost you 8 or $900. For what? A piece of shit android tablet that is modified from the original Google dream? I can pass on that.

I love the idea of Android, but I know with iOS and the iPad, if there is an issue or there is a critical update in software, I am going to get it at the same time as everyone else. Instead of maybe not even getting it at all.

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