Monday, April 18, 2011

Lately I have been searching for a decent blog. Not just a tech blog, but a blog that will fulfill all of my wants and needs of the internet. And I quickly came to a decision. It was almost instantaneous. There are no good blogs that are going to offer me (or anyone else for that matter) all the news they want. This is problem for me because I hate having to visit 4 sites just to see half an hour worth of content.

This is what I am getting to. We need a web app. Or some kind of a web service that will do this for me, for us. Something that actually works. Summify and other services work well, but they still do not cut it. And RSS feeds suck all together. I want something intuitive. Something where I can change setting on the fly. Where I can just click the site and BAM! All the articles I would be interested in would be there.

I have been putting a lot of thought into apps and services lately and would like to get something like this off the ground. Impossible for me to do, obviously. I'm just a critic. But I would like something like that. I would actually pay for it; if it was good enough.

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