Friday, March 18, 2011

So the iPad being virtually out of stock everywhere has actually helped me in making my decision about which iPad to actually go with. The iPad 2 is the one, for sure, but there are what, like eight versions of it? Maybe more with Verizon thrown in the mix.

The 16gb wifi+3G iPad 2 is the way for me. This is why.

I learned a very interesting fact today. There is no service agreement with AT&T for having a 3G iPad that will operate on their network. (Not going with Verizon because CDMA is so over the hill it's not ever funny to talk about.) So here is what I figure. I will have the 3G capability whenever I need it. Say my family is going on a trip in June, I can go to an AT&T store, activate a months worth a 3G for the trip, and be set. That is a great ability to have that a lot of people do no think about. For me, that is worth the extra $130. Easily.

Now if they would just get back in stock so I can get one and get that huge buyers remorse over with...

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