Thursday, March 3, 2011

The iPad 2 looks to be an incredible piece of technology. Either it is, or Steve Jobs just did an amazing job of pitching it. But really, when I sit down and think about it, I could really use something that is bigger than my iPhone 4, but more convenient than my laptop. And that is where the iPad comes into play.

It's fast, number one. One of the reasons I have been such a anti-tablet guy for the last year is the simple fact that every tablet on the market, excluding the original iPad, is crap. They all run Android OS to begin with, which relies too heavily on the specifications of the device. Even though the new iPad 2 has a dual core processor, I would still be buying one if it didn't. Thats the whole point to tech, I really don't give a damn what it is made of, as long as it is efficient and does what I want it to do. And too many times, you get something that seems like it is going to work out, but in the end doesn't.

I just want the thing to work, and with the iPad I know it will.

And lastly, price. Seriously, Samsung, HP, and Motorola; what the fuck. There is no way in HELL I am paying you 700 bucks for a half way decent tablet that runs smartphone software that doesn't function half of the time. That is ridiculous. The iPad is reasonably prices at 500 dollars, and seriously, the other devices that are out right now couldn't even stand up to the iPad. So why would I pay more?

Apple has never done me dirty in the past. The MacBook I own is pushing 5 years old and is running better than a 3 month old Windows 7 machine I bought. Even if the iPad was priced like the other tablets out right now, I wouldn't think twice about which one to buy.

iPad 2. All the way.

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