Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just a quickie this time. My bachelor party is tonight, and I must admit that I am a little afraid of it. I am only 21 years old and have NEVER been out on the town. So am I excited? Hell yeah, but I am also anxious. I have two of my best friends taking me out though and I know it will be an awesome time.

We will start at Old Chicago in the ville and just play it by ear from there. Old Chicago is like home base for us. The older guys are meeting us there, (my dad, step-dad, and very soon to be father in law) and then after a while we will break off and begin the adventure, which will most surely lead us out of the state of Kentucky.

I am going to be hammered drunk, but my foursquare will be updated for most of the night; at least until I am still able to use my iPhone.

Wish me luck. I'll have one for everyone in the whole world tonight.

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