Thursday, February 17, 2011

I have come up with an amazing idea. Build a desktop. Seems simple enough, but I have never really just sat down and taken the time to hammer one out. I'm going to do it this time, really, because I just bought the motherboard and the power supply.

It's going to be a tiny desktop. Just enough power to do anything I personally want it to do. (I do no game or do anything with high graphics needs, so a dual core Intel Atom 1.8 will do fine.) the board itself is only 17mmX17mm. The power supply I bought is also very low profile. It is fanless and plugs in like you would plug a laptop in. Pretty sweet.

Everything else is just normal on it. 4GB of RAM with a 160 HDD (notebook HDD). Small fan just to keep the air running through it.

I want to make a really cool plexy glass case for it. If you could imagine it sitting on a piece of clear plexy glass, then having another piece elevated about 2 inches about the top of it. So just 2 sided.

I will make sure to update with pictures throughout the build process. When I get the parts in, I will post the part list and pricing for those who may be interested.


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