Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another pretty long ass day. I traveled all the way to E-Town to get a new social security card, only to find my 'lost' one in my wallet when I got home. It's OK though, who doesn't enjoy a nice, new, crisp SS card? That's right.

Another thing I have been thinking about since my wife is preggo and all, is an Application for the iPhone. I'm sure about the logistics, but a ton of people use the iPhone and Apples App Store. So I'm sure a large number of those people who use the phone are pregnant women.

So here comes the App idea:

The name of it has something to do with the 9 months of being pregnant. The user will add the app to their device and enter the day they found out they were pregnant (or the day of their last period depending on what kind of professional help I could acquire on the subject.

Next, we add some kind of database of information that will correlated with how far along the lady is. So, when she is 5 weeks pregnant, there will be information that you can check out IN the app about what is going on in your body at this time, what you should be feeling, warning signs, percentage of miscarriage, what the baby looks like, ETC.

This is where it COULD end and still get a good app, but it doesn't. If somehow I can work out a deal with Groupon, or Living Social, my app could push specific coupons to the female depending on how far along she is. So when she is 2 months along, Groupon or Living Social would sponsor a coupon that is directed for things she will need at this time. E.I anit-nausea pills, prenatal vitamins. As the woman gets farther along, she will get more specific coupons to things she needs.

So thats about it. I'm not going to proof read that so excuse and mistakes in grammar. But I needed to get that down so I could think about it more for myself.

Seriously, that idea is fire.

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