Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today, today has been a rough day. It is getting closer and closer to the wedding (Feb 5th) and I am really starting to feel the pressure. Not in a bad way at all, I want to get married. But just in a stressful way. There is SO much to do and getting everyone on the same schedule and organizing everything is really a pain in the ass. Now I know why people get wedding planners to inherit their headaches.

Also my Windows 7 PC crashed today. And just not a little crash. I'm talking full blown, hard drive failure, unable to reinstall, crash. Right now I am using Ubuntu on here so I can get through the work and school week. I actually like this a lot. It is snappy and I like the simple features. I may just stick with this for a while. Until I start missing Windows and all their ways.

Long Day, Looking forward to a lazy Sunday. Who know what will come up though.

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