Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last year, a friend of mine and I were throwing around an idea to start a website that may be similar to or Not exactly the same. We would be focusing more on events around this area instead of the national and international scene. We let the idea and planning dissolve in the later months, but now I am starting to think about it a little more.

He (Nck Vrs) finished his education last semester at the University of Louisville and has not really found a job yet, which gives him plenty of free time to help me since I still am in school. I'm not saying that he's not busy or would even want to do this, but if he wants too I'm sure he will make the time for it. I would consider him my best friend and I'm sure he would do this for me.

This time I have a little different plan in mind. It's going to be social. Engadget is a somewhat of a social website with its comments and viewer response, but it's not the interaction I am looking for. I am thinking more along the collaboration line. Not Google Wave style, but something collaborative. Both being English Majors, maybe we can start some kind of online college paper exchange that is somehow protected from being searched by teachers. Unethical, but I'm sure it would be popular.

Or maybe just a place where people can submit their drafts to be read over and critiqued, not like but some new variation. Where Scribd is finished work, this would feature works in progress.

Just a thought. Nck gets home from Chicago Monday I can talk to him about it then.

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