Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I have a huge problem with this part of the United States. I'm talking Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana; I'm speaking to you, areas of Appalachia. I'm not going to to rant and rave about it, but it is a serious problem.

The lack of the acceptance of social media tools such as FourSquare, Twitter, Gowalla,Groupon, ECT, is making this region so far behind it's stupid. I have literally no friends who use FourSquare. No friends that use Twitter on a daily or even weekly basis. I know one person who uses Gowalla and not well enough to add them as a friend. Why is it that people around the US are embracing these social media tools and using them to become close knit in their own cities? To know one another, to end animosity. Social Media is HUGE for cities to embrace. It brings people together and makes everyone feel apart of something much larger. We use it to make friends and find out what is going on around town. It breaks many diversity barriers. And for Louisville (hometown) to not be using more of these tools with the demographic we have is ignorant.

It comes down to as long as we stray from technology and Social Media tools, the farther we are going to stray from one another. Look at San Fransisco and it's tight knit community of a couple million. We can be that. We can be friends.

I don't want to get into this but as long as we are a community rely on other outlets and corporations to tell you what to do and what deals are going on and exciting things to do around town, people are going to take advantage of us. Make us pay more money for services we could be getting for much cheaper if we just talked to each other, and did more then just coexist.

That's all, but seriously, people already think we are dumb enough.

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