Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I can no longer take the Android platform seriously. After being a HUGE droid fan, I'm calling it quits. It just seems like unless I get a Google Partnered Phone such as the Nexus S or Nexus 1, I will never get any updates or any support.

On top of that, the Android Table craze is the largest flop I have ever seen. The OS does not support tablets, and the tweaks the companies do to the UI make them "craplets". And NONE of them have any kind of hardware thats worth the price tag.

I feel like if I were to get a iPhone or a BlackBerry, at least I would know what I was getting into and would actually have a device that has a supported OS by the creator of the OS. I never had a software problem with the iPhone that Apple didn't fix in a week. And the same goes for BlackBerry OS.

Forget it, I'm done with the droids.

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