Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Crunchies (Award Ceremony Sponsored by TechCrunch, ( was pretty good this year. Well, it's the first year I have watched it, but I am assuming that it was a good event.

Only one thing was holding it back, and that would be the planning for the event. The whole set up of the award presentation and the MC's between the award nominees was just a little too awkward for my liking. There wasn't any real fluency. Also, throw in that many Palo Alto nerds and founders and you are bound to have an awkward crowd. To be brutally honest, Michael Arrington was really the only person (it seemed) in the building that was capable of talking in front of a large group and not making a jackass of himself.

The awards were good, but with all the money they are probably getting through the AOL acquisition, it should be closer to the Golden Globes than my 5th grade talent show.

Here just watch it, some important people in modern technology are talking, we should listen.

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